About the artist

Amanda Egnell


Amanda Egnell was born and raised in Gothenburg, close the sea where she has drawn much of her inspiration.

Amanda creates based on impulse and passion where she trusts her instinct and the creative process. Her art is colourful, powerful and full of energy and the paintings become stylish features on the walls they cover.

Amanda has exhibited her works both in Sweden and abroad. She has sold paintings to over 10 countries and runs her own gallery "Galleri Egnell" at Olivedalsgatan 22 in Gothenburg.

She is current with two different series: From above and Expedition Abstrakt

Konstserier Amanda Egnell

Art series

The series From Above depicts nature and places we hold dear from a bird's eye view, where the abstract meets reality.

Expedition Abstract is inspired by nature and various precious stones. The paintings symbolize movement, feeling and life, and the interpretation lies in the eyes of the beholder.

See the series here

Previous and upcoming exhibitions



29/6- 2023 Exhibition Kabusa Art Gallery Österlen

17/2-22/2-2023 Exhibition Gallery 53 Stockhlólm

20/1-2023 Vernissage Interart Victor Hasselblads gata 11 Gothenburg



1/7-31/7-2022 Exhibition Tjolöholms Castle Gothenburg

18/4-2022 Easter Vernissage Gallery Egnell

14/4-1/6-2022 Exhibition Kabusa Art Gallery Österlen

11/12-2021 - 18/1-2022 Exhibition Skanshof Gothenburg

25/11-2021 Vernissage - Eklund Gothenburg New York​

4/11-6/11-2021 Fields Copenhagen in collaboration with Philips TV

14/10-16/10-2021 Stockholm's central station in collaboration with Philips TV

7/9-3/10-2021 Exhibition - The Gallery Gothia Towers Gothenburg

2/9-3/9-2021 Exhibition in collaboration with Eklund Gothenburg- Björnholmen's marina Tjörn

2/7-11/7 -2021 Exhibition Strandverket Marstrand

17/4-24/4-2021 Exhibition Gallery Grip Stockholm

1/9-30/10-2020 Exhibition FROM ABOVE - Femman Nordstan Gothenburg

26/6-3/7 2020 Exhibition Strandverket Marstrand

12/6- 2020 Vernissage FÄRGFEST

30-31/5-2020 Exhibition Art Forest

28/2-2020 Opening opening Gallery Egnell

20/10 – 2019 » Vernissage Room 26. Carnergiegatan 16 Gothenburg

15/11 – 2017 » Office interior Sandberg & Trygg, Kungsportsplatsen 1

3/10-31/10 – 2017 » Scandic Nord Helsingborg

26/5 – 2017 » Vernissage Clarion Hotel Fregatten Varberg

14/4-17/4 – 2017 » Konstrundan in Kristianstad

17/11-15/12 – 2016 » Scandic St Jörgen Malmö

18/10-14/11 – 2016 » Scandic Nord Helsingborg

30/9 – 2016 » Restaurant Aptit Kristianstad

22/8-18/9 – 2016 » Stora Enso Pappersbruk art association